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IAB Transparency and consent Framework

TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager now includes support of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (the “IAB EU Framework”).  With the addition of the IAB EU Framework functionality, TrustArc offers a comprehensive consent solution which is designed to address consent management needs for Publishers and other parties in the digital advertising chain with respect to GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.  

The IAB EU Framework provides an industry standard and technical specifications for obtaining Internet users’ consent for data processing and for relaying this information down the advertising supply chain. As the IAB describes the value of the Framework on its website:

IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (Framework) has a simple objective to help all parties in the digital advertising chain ensure that they comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and ePrivacy Directive when processing personal data or accessing and/or storing information on a user’s device, such as cookies, advertising identifiers, device identifiers and other tracking technologies. 

The Framework is particularly relevant for “first-parties”, such as publishers and other suppliers of online services, who work with “third-parties” for data-driven service. Using the Framework, first-parties can enable third-parties to process user data on one of the legal bases of the regulation. The Framework standardises the presentation to users’ third-party data processing requests that require “informed” consent for data processing. The Framework enables “signaling” of user choice across the advertising supply chain. It is open-source, not-for-profit with consensus-based industry governance led by IAB Europe with significant support from industry parties and the IAB Tech Lab, which provides technical management of the open-source specifications and version control.

TrustArc has been an industry leader in providing cookie consent solutions since 2012 and Cookie Consent Manager provides a provides a flexible, proven solution to address cookie compliance, including support for visual customization and branding, implementation through a single script, integration with tag management systems for zero cookie load (an opt-in configuration), audit trails and global implementation through dynamic language detection. TrustArc has worked with many of the top EU and global publishers and ad networks – and in addition to the IAB, has been a leading provider of AdChoices solutions through the EDAA / DAA.

For companies who wish to augment the capabilities of the IAB EU Framework, Cookie Consent Manager provides users with additional features above and beyond the IAB EU Framework. 

For more information on TrustArc Cookie Consent manager, visit our website.